Dow Futures Rose 80 Points Bitcoin Regained 40,000 US Dollars

Dow futures rose 80 points and Nasdaq futures rose 0.3%. The United States will announce today the MBA loan application index, last week’s crude oil inventory data.

The CEO of Morgan Stanley expects the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates early next year, and is against economists. He estimated that China and the United States would raise interest rates at the end of 2015

Dow futures rose 80 points, Nasdaq futures rose 0.3%, and standard index futures rose 11 points. The performance of European stocks was divergent. French stocks rose 0.07%, German stocks fell 0.1%, and British stocks fell 0.3%.

Dow futures rose 96 points, and Nasdaq futures rose 0.3%. Bitcoin regained 40,000 US dollars, up nearly 4% in the day, Coinbase (US: COIN) rose more than 2% before the market, and is now at 247.84 US dollars.

Dow futures rose 84 points to 34355 points; standard index futures rose 12 points to 4197 points; Nasdaq futures rose 49 points or 0.4% to 13,705 points.

Republican lawmakers plan to put forward an infrastructure plan that does not involve tax increases on Thursday, involving nearly $1 trillion

Ideal Auto is considering a second listing. Founder Li Xiang: The more money is definitely the better

Tesla: China builds a data center to store vehicle data sold in the mainland

Japanese media: TSMC, Sony or joint venture chip factory   total investment exceeds 1 trillion yen

Fed officials continued to reduce inflation, ease the epidemic in the United States, and improve the vaccination schedule. However, the U.S. stock market rose first and then rebounded. The Dow once rose 117 points, and then its performance was repeated, closing 81 points to 34312. point. The benchmark index fell 0.2% to close at 4188 points. The Nasdaq fell 4 points slightly to close at 13,657 points.

Clarida, the vice chairman of the US Federal Reserve, said that the FOMC may discuss reducing QE at the upcoming (upcoming) policy meeting. The U.S. 10-year bond yield fell to 1.55%, and the U.S. dollar index fell slightly, but it did not help the stock market. The Dow closed 81 points to 34312 points, the benchmark index fell 0.2% to 4188 points, and the Nasdaq fell 4 points. It closed at 13,657 points.

The U.S. house price index reported at 324.9 in March, up 1.4% month-on-month and 13.9% year-on-year.


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