Apple’s Shares Continues to Fall

Wall Street declines after the hope for a trade agreement with China cooled: Apple’s share continues to fall.

The drop came after Trump’s economic adviser Larry Cudlow told CNBC that they were not working on a trade program with China. More than 3 percent of wages were raised in October. Last night, Trump, “I had a very good and long conversation with the president of China with A heavy emphasis on trading “and the markets reacted to gains Asian markets closed higher, the Hang Seng Index climbed 4.2%.

US Treasury Secretary  said earlier Thursday that Trump had not asked cabinet members to draft a trade agreement between the two countries.

Kudlo’s remarks were made in response to an early report on progress in US-China trade talks.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average
(25,205 -0.47%)
And the S & P 500
(2,714.81 -0.93%)
 Deepening the declines, and Nasdaq
(7,356.19 -1.05%)
Drops by more than 1.6% at this hour.

Apple stock
(206.24 -7.19%)
Continues to fall in the wake of the reports, and Teva
(22.63 -1.61%)
Continues to fall after the sharp gains recorded on the previous trading day.


The falls on Wall Street are bolstered by Trump’s chief economic adviser, Larry Cudlow, who told CNBC that a trade program with China was not planned at the moment, thus dampening the hope of a trade agreement between the two countries.

After yesterday published good reports and jumped 15%, Teva shares
(22.63 -1.61%)
Recording declines today.

European markets closed in a positive trend against the background of the hope for a trade agreement between China and the US Stokes Index 600
(364.08 + 0.28%)
A close of 0.4%, and most sectors recorded gains. The index recorded its best week since December 2016. Declines were recorded on the London Stock Exchange
(7,094.12 -0.29%)


Wall Street indexes went down.


Apple stock
(206.24 -7.19%)
Collapses 7% in the wake of the reports, and on the other side Starbucks
(64.675 + 10.31%)
Jumps about 10%. Solarage shares
(38.235 -6.81%)
Israel is diving 10% after reporting its third quarter results yesterday. The share of Alibaba
(147.86 -2.24%)
, Which traded ahead of the opening of trading in the wake of the reports, is currently trading in declines.

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Trading on Wall Street opened with gains in Dow Jones
(25,240.39 -0.55%)
And the S & P 500
(2,714.81 -0.93%)
Apple stock
(206.24 -7.19%)
Declines and weighs on the NASDAQ index
(6,966.18 -1.46%)
Who is scoring declines. In Europe, sharp rises continue.

The October employment report points to an increase of 3.1% in the past year, the first time since the crisis of a decade ago, according to the Ministry of Labor. 250 thousand new jobs were added last month, well above the forecasts of 190,000. The unemployment rate remained at 3.7%, the lowest since December 1969.

The share of Alibaba
(147.86 -2.24%)
Jumps ahead of the opening of trade by more than 6%. China’s online trading giant said its revenue jumped 54 percent in the second fiscal quarter, despite fears of a slowdown in China’s economy. The company’s profits also rose and beat forecasts.


Futures trading in the US is moving in a positive direction as major contracts are trading higher.

The positive trend continues from the green lock last night after President Trump chirped on a “good conversation” with Chinese President Xi. Bloomberg reported today that Trump has begun drafting a trade agreement between the two countries.

The US monthly employment report is expected to be published today, analysts expect the unemployment rate in the country will not exceed 3.7%.