Google got up: Amployees Are tired of Violence

After it became known about the big sex scandals in Google, disgruntled employees of the company decided to protest – “Googlers” from all over the world staged a strike against harassment at work. Despite the fact that the management of the IT giant has brought its “deepest apologies”, Google employees believe that the time has come for more decisive action.

Employees of Google in offices around the world began a series of unprecedented strikes on the problem of sexual harassment at work, reports “BBC”.

They require management to reconsider the policy regarding such cases, as often a person accused of harassment goes unpunished.

The strike will begin at 11:00 local time in each of the cities where there is a Google office. In some Asian countries, disgruntled people have already left jobs to declare their position.

Dissatisfaction within the company was brewing during the last week, when the details of the dismissal of Android creator Andy Rubin became known.

According to The New York Times, an engineer was charged with harassment – in 2013, the “father” of Android forced a woman to have oral sex in a hotel room with him.

Guide Google chose to hide this fact by offering Andy Rubin to quietly leave the company. Moreover, he received a “golden parachute” in the amount of $ 90 million, which were paid gradually – at $ 2 million per month over the past four years.

However, Rubin himself refutes the fact of his inappropriate behavior and accuses his ex-wife of libel, who allegedly tries to take away his custody of the child.

This story greatly impressed ordinary Google employees.

“When Google covers rapists, it creates an environment in which people do not feel safe if they claim harassment. They start thinking that it is useless or, worse, men will be paid money, and women will be left with nothing, ”said Liz Fong-Jones, who has been working for Google for 10 years.

Google management, including CEO Sundar Pichai, responded to the NYT publication by sending a letter to all employees. The document said that in recent years 48 people were fired from the company, who were somehow accused of harassment. At the same time, Pichai did not confirm, but did not deny the authenticity of the story with Andy Rubin.

n 2013, DeVol conducted an interview for a girl applying for a job as an engineer. During the meeting, he invited the applicant to go with him to the Burning Man festival, during which he asked her to take off her shirt so that he could have a massage. Since he insisted on his, the girl allowed him to massage his neck.

She later learned that she had not received a job. Two years after the incident, she decided to complain about DeVola.

In an interview with The Times, she stressed that the leadership of Alphabet forbade her to tell anyone about what happened. The director at the same time retained his place and remained to work at Alphabet.

About his dismissal it became known only after the release of the NYT material – it is possible that the management of the company, having learned about the resonance among Google employees after the incident with Rubin, was simply afraid to renew his contract.

According to the CEO, some employees have already sent him ideas on how to correct the existing situation, and he is ready