Apple’s Sharp Dismisses 3000 Foreign Workers

Sharp recently lowered its earnings forecast, and now the company says more than 3,000 people leave. Reason: The production of iPhone sensors is being relocated.

Bangalore Apple supplier Sharp has released more than 3,000 foreign workers in Japan, according to a newspaper report. The background is the shift of production of iPhone sensors in a Chinese plant of the parent company Foxconn, the daily Nikkei reported on Monday. Sharp was initially unable to reach an opinion.

In October, Sharp had lowered its earnings forecast. The company is experiencing fierce competition from South Korean rivals for its OLED displays and is therefore saving.

In Japan, it is currently being discussed that in view of demographic change, more foreign workers will be allowed to enter the country. The country is one of the countries with the strictest immigration rules. The dismissals at Sharp, however, showed that foreigners are heavily dependent on their employers’ business decisions, the report said.