Iran’s First Space Innovation Center was Launched

Iranian Space Agency said that the first center for space innovation was set up in line with the country’s overall policies aimed at developing the knowledge economy and creating an entrepreneurial environment for university graduates.

Presidential and private accelerators, pointing out that the resources of the National Development Fund can be allocated for the development of new businesses and new technologies, said: “The Space Organization of Iran has been developing accelerators and centers for the development of technology and space services for the creation and development of start-ups in this area.

Barry added that the growth of spatial technology and its added value has led the startups to enter the development of space infrastructure, which supports the launch of technology startups along with the development of the business of providing space shuttle services to the priorities of the space agency of Iran.

Head of the Space Organization of Iran, saying that today the design and construction of satellites is about to reduce and simplify and form the satellite system,  “Today, the development of satellite infrastructure is provided by the creation of a series of small satellites, which is considered as a space revolution, in the same In order to provide the necessary ground for entering the startups in the construction of small satellites and development of the satellite system, the priority of the programs of the space organization of Iran is located and the creation of the Center for Spatial Innovation in the same direction.

“The system of small satellites in the iot industry has a huge role, and the market is very big for it, and with the capacity in this area in the country, we hope to expand with the private sector of this network in the country,” said the head of the Space Organization of Iran.

The Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Technology added that facilitating, removing barriers and developing the market for the entry and investment of private companies in the construction of the small satellite system is on the agenda of the Iranian Space Agency, which has taken serious steps in this regard.

In the course of the ceremony, Ismail Qadarifar, head of the Center for Strategic Technology Development of the Vice President of Science and Technology of the Presidency, said: “With the participation of the private sector, we intend to develop technology companies.

He said: “Currently, our country has the largest ecosystem and start-up process in the region, which needs to take this huge capacity and expertise of the expert manpower for the future,” Qadarifar said, hoping to see the emergence and emergence of a new generation of technology-based startups in the next year. Develop new business.

At the end, Qadarifar pointed out that the Center for Space Innovation is the first technology innovation center, which has begun as the first technology center for space technology.

According to the organization’s spatial organization, the purpose of this memorandum is to establish an innovation center with a mission to promote, inform and persuade various industries benefiting from information and spatial data to and improve the quality of services and products in the fields of agriculture and insurance products, urban and rural services, environment Life, disaster and crisis management, meteorology, oil and gas industries, tourism, the spatial industry, and the overflow of this technology in various fields, as well as the attraction, team building, training and empowerment of innovators and entrepreneurs in this field, including the creation of start-ups and the expansion of existing companies.