Are Technological Systems Preferable to Rehabilitation After A Stroke

What are the long-term effects of a stroke?

The effects of a stroke usually depend on the location of the blockage and the extent of the brain tissue that has been damaged and also depends on whether the stroke occurs on the right side of the brain or on the left side. Often a stroke on the left side will cause sharing on the body side, speech problems and memory loss and a stroke on the left side for vision problems, behavioral change and the effects are both individual and also depend on the success of the rehabilitation process. Amputation or impairment in the blood supply to the part of the brain and prevention of oxygen and nutrients affects those suffering from a stroke and there are symptoms that can signal to relatives and also to the person who suffered a stroke that the same disorder occurred.

The main symptoms include behavioral changes like confusion, speech problems and changes in speech form and can manifest in temporary or long term effects like facial, arm or leg paralysis, weakness, vision problems, headache and difficulty walking. It should be taken into account that this is a medical event that requires a visit to the emergency room in order to undergo the medical tests necessary to diagnose the stroke.

Recovery from a stroke varies from person to person when there are people who will be sent for rehabilitation and the rehabilitation plan will be determined according to the needs when today it is also possible to perform home rehabilitation for stroke recoverers. Home rehabilitation employs a skilled professional team that assists in the rehabilitation process and full availability when everything takes place in the living environment, the patient’s safe comfort zone.

What does stroke rehabilitation include?

Stroke rehabilitation includes physical therapy exercises, motor skill exercises to improve muscles, stability and even strengthening swallowing, mobility training especially if the patient is assisted by means of mobility such as a cane or wheelchair. The rehabilitative process often also includes treatment of cognitive disorders such as speech therapy and occupational therapy and communication clinician. Also, complementary therapies like medical massage and acupuncture.

Technology plays an important role in the promotion and success of stroke rehabilitation when it is usually a functional electrical stimulus that is activated on weak muscles using systems that are assembled on the foot in case of difficulty walking. There is also a technology of magnetic brain stimulation. Also, there are robotic devices that can help move the limbs. Neurofeedback therapy that provides feedback can be very helpful in training and rehabilitating a stroke. All treatments that combine technologies are also accompanied by professional supervision and guidance.

Available and new technologies for stroke rehabilitation

In recent years, the introduction of new technologies such as virtual reality that allows the patient to practice tasks in an environment that simulates reality can be noticed. Also, computer games through which recovering practitioners practice motor skills for example of rowing in the river that help in the process of neurological rehabilitation after a stroke.

In addition, advanced software and virtual aids that simulate the activities of a communication clinician or physiotherapists who present exercises to users to strengthen muscles, improve speech and according to feedback received from professionals they can also remotely help improve the patient’s abilities.

There are pros and cons to each method. For example, fans of computers, goals and mission goals in a group that connect to work in front of a screen will connect to software and rehabilitation in computer games while those who want to maintain mobility may prefer the neurofeedback-based system.

Either way, the duration and nature of rehabilitation depends on the severity of the condition and the progress of the condition. Despite the technological developments and advanced methods, there is no doubt that there is nothing like a directed human hand and human presence and personal attitude of a skilled medical staff. That is why it is so important to turn to a professional company that can create the best mix, lend and support all the way.