Covid-19 Test Results Within Two Hours

Since January 2021, SEASUN BIOMATERIALS ‘AQ-TOP Plus has been used to detect Covid-19 at the Cubid-19 Testing Center established at Incheon International Airport (ICN). Test results are reported within two hours on ICN. ICN passengers and employees Very pleased with the fast and accurate procedure of AQ-TOP Plus.

SEASUN BIOMATERIALS has two (2) Covid-19, U-TOP COVID-19 and AQ-TOP COVID-19 Series diagnostic platforms. U-TOP COVID-19 is designed for a detailed test that simultaneously detects S gene mutations in addition to the parallel test of four (4) SARS-CoV-2 genes. AQ-TOP COVID-19 is designed for testing at the treatment point that is optimized for field diagnoses that require great accuracy within a short testing time.

All SEASUN BIOMATERIALS products associated with Covid-19 that use the S4 system have been officially approved by MFDS, have received “Brand K” certification, CE-IVD certification and have been approved under the EUA of the US FDA, and have been exported worldwide since the first wave of the epidemic.

The diagnostic system at the S4 site is a mobile molecular laboratory equipped with negative pressure chambers and self-supplying equipment for molecular diagnoses designed for rapid molecular testing and prevention of infectious diseases such as Cubid-19. The entire Cubid-19 diagnostic procedure takes less than one hour and includes filling out a short questionnaire, collecting a sample, removing nucleic acid, molecular detection and sending a results report to the customer’s cell phone.