Asia Stock Market News

Korea’s KOSPI -6.48 (-0.31%) 2,055.01 -16.72%
KOSDAQ-3.85 (-0.57%) 669.79 -16.11%
China Shanghai index +10.75651 (+ 0.43%) 2,527,0071 -23.59%
CSI 300 Index +8.803 (+ 0.29%) 3,038.1981 -24.63%
Taiwan Equity Index -6.46 (-0.07%) 9,639.70 -10.00%
Hong Kong Hang Seng Index -102.04 (-0.40%) 25,651.38 -14.26%
Hang Seng CEI Index -38.01 (-0.38%) 10,062.94 -14.06%
Australian S & P / ASX200 + 26.20 (+ 0.48%) 5,493.80 -9.42%

According tonews reports, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, a subsidiary of the Japan Exchange Group (JPX) (8697-JP), is said to be the current Dongzheng 1st, Dongzheng 2, Mothers, JASDAQ, 4 markets are adjusted. At the same time, the integration of the small and medium-sized board market and the emerging enterprise board market is also within the scope of vision.

At present, there are about 2,130 listed companies in Dongzheng and about 490 companies in Dongzheng. Most of the newly listed companies choose about 270 companies, while JASDAQ has about 730 companies.

On December 21st, the Tokyo Stock Exchange launched a public comment on the current classification of the trading market. The Public Comments Period is December 21, 2018 – January 31, 2019. The market will be informed about the reclassification of the trading market.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange also published a discussion paper (Discussion Paper), which mentioned the listing basis and appropriateness of the Dongzheng 2 and JASDAQ in the opinion raising matters; the benchmarks and obligations of the listed company of the Dongzheng; At present, the benchmark and appropriateness of the listing are abolished, as well as the redemption method after the abolition.

Previously, in order to discuss the current four trading market systems, the Tokyo Stock Exchange set up a “symposium on market structure status, etc.” in October this year. At the then press conference, the CEO of the Japan Exchange Group, Qing Tian, ​​made a statement on the classification of the current exchange and thought that the four were a bit too much.

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