Asian stock indices are trading in a positive tone and focus on the trade talks and minutes of the Fed meeting.

Asian stock indices are trading in a positive tone and focus on the trade talks and minutes of the Fed meeting
Asian stocks opened higher on Tuesday, with Japanese and New Zealand stocks rising, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index and South Korea’s Kospi Composite Index, while Chinese equity indices were mixed and Australian stocks fell today. Wednesday amidst a lookout for US-China trade talks in Washington.


US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that trade talks with China were going well, saying he was optimistic about a trade deal before the deadline for a trade truce by early next month, adding that the deadline for the truce was not a “magic date”. , White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said at the weekend that the rounds of trade talks between her country and China in Washington begin on Tuesday.


White House spokeswoman Sanders said that US Trade Representative Robert Laitheiser will lead trade negotiations with the Chinese delegation led by Chinese Vice Premier Liu Hee, who said yesterday he would visit the United States to complete trade talks between the two countries. US Treasury Secretary Stephen Menuchin and US Trade Representative.


Sanders also pointed out that US Treasury Secretary Wilbur Ross, White House Economic Adviser Lawrence Kudlo and the US president’s economic adviser will attend the trade negotiations and that the negotiations will focus on the structural measures that China should take and affect trade. That China will buy more American goods and services.


In addition, the pair are also looking closely at what the minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee meeting, held on 29-30 January, during which Federal Reserve policy makers kept short-term benchmark interest rates at between 2.25 And 2.50% as the bond repurchase moves down by $ 50 billion a month.


Japan’s Nikkei 225 index rose 0.76% to 161.73 points to 21,464.38. The Nikkei 225 index rose 0.71% to close at 1,614.64.


Chinese equities were mixed, with the CSI 300 rising 0.18% to 6.33 points to 3,445.94, while the Shanghai index fell 0.03% to 0.72 points to 2,754.92.


Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index rose 1.09% to 308.81 points, reaching 28,536.94. South Korea’s Kospi rose 1.24% to 27.26 points, up to 2,232.89.


To the New Zealand NZX 50 index, which rose 0.26% to 23.72 points, reaching 9,247.98. On the other hand, Australia’s S & P / ASX 200 index shed 0.22% to shed 13.38 points and reach 6,093.50.