Baghdad to Take Other “options” If Diplomacy Fails With Turkey, Iraqi FM Warns

hhhIraq’s Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari warned Thursday that his country will consider all the “options” available to solve the ongoing diplomatic crisis with Ankara over Turkey’s military presence in Iraq.

Speaking to Rudaw in London, Jaffari said Iraq’s sovereignty had been violated with the Turkish troop deployment to northern Iraq near Mosul.

Baghdad has called on Turkey to withdraw its troops from the area ahead of the upcoming Mosul offensive.

Ankara has said it will take part in the offensive to root out the ISIS militants in the city, but it has not disclosed how the Turkish military will participate in the operation itself that is highly likely to start before the end of this month.

“We will take all the options. And if diplomacy fails, we will take international and legal ways,” Jaffari told Rudaw after meeting officials at the UK foreign office earlier.

“While our sovereignty is violated, our options are open, and no one can limit them,” warned Jaffari who has also served as Iraq’s prime minister in the past. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said last week that Ankara will take part in the offensive “for the sake of humanity.”