Benetton-Compagnoni Marriage Over

The entrepreneur and the champion, Alessandro Benetton and Deborah Compagnoni, ne of the best known and most followed couples in Italy. After 13 years of marriage, their story would come to an end. The indiscretion was provided by Dagospia. And the Corriere shows that it would not be a novelty of these days. The love would have long since vanished, so much so that Compagnoni, 50 years old, 3 Olympic gold medals and 3 world championships, would no longer live with Benetton for months.

The report of the weekly Chi was suspicious: four pages dedicated to the entrepreneur, 56 years old, president of the Cortina 2021 Foundation (which has the task of organizing the Alpine Skiing World Championships that will be held this year on the slopes of the Ampezzo valley ) in which there are no references to his wife, but only the photos of the three children (Agnese, Tobias and Luce) appear.


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Alessandro Benetton is Luciano’s second son. Treviso, studied at Harvard and has always been a great lover of sports (especially alpine skiing). Like Deborah, in fact, the former “Golden Girl”: raised in Santa Caterina Valfurva, 16 World Cup victories, in addition to Olympic gold medals in Albertville 1992 (Supergiant), Lillehammer 1994 and Nagano in 1998 (giant). The two got married in 2008. A love story, always kept very private. Until the epilogue of these months.

I have never liked the fiction, very popular in some business circles, according to which anyone who chooses a career as an employee would be a person without initiative. On the contrary, being an employee is an excellent choice from several points of view, including from that of the entrepreneur. In this episode of # UnCaffèConAlessandro, I tell you why, if you want to become good entrepreneurs, you should consider becoming good employees first.

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