What Time is the Healthiest to Get up

Studies have found that, whether young or old, early risers have more positive emotions and better self-health. Situational image/ingimage
The state of health and longevity is inseparable from the long-term adherence to the habit of getting up early: early to bed and early to rise are of great benefit to human health, coupled with a good attitude, diet, and timely conditioning, the human body can be in “optimal” state.

Benefits of getting up early
A number of health studies conducted by authoritative academic institutions in the world have proved that getting up early is very beneficial to the body. Based on the research results, experts have summarized benefits of getting up early:

The mental state will be better

As the saying goes, the plan for a year lies in the spring and the plan for the day lies in the morning. Research has found that whether it is young or old, the early risers have more positive emotions and a better sense of self-health. When the weather is good, the early risers bathe in the morning light. , Is also one of the main reasons for the good mood. Many people have the experience on weekends.

Skin becomes better and dark circles become less

If you go to bed early and get up early for a long time, your metabolism will be smoother, your skin will become better, and dark circles will become lighter if you stick to it for a long time. Compared with those who stay up late and stay up late during the day, people who sleep 7 hours a day will look at those who sleep late Those who get up late, old written on their faces.

Low risk of depression

The “day” time is stretched out, and it feels 2 hours longer than others. It is not time chasing you, but you are directing the time, so you will not be anxious right away. Similarly, people who rest on time and wake up early suffer The risk of depression is also smaller.

Not easy to gain weight, good figure

If a person stays up often, will probably gain weight. Yes, staying up late is also an important factor in gaining weight, because staying up late can cause endocrine disorders. Similarly, if you take a rest on time, get up early and take proper exercises, you will not only not gain weight, but you can also stay slim. figure.

Not easy to get sick, improve immunity

A number of studies have shown that lack of sleep increases the risk of increased prevalence. Early bed and early rise can enhance immunity and help fight colds and other viruses. Not only that, early bed and early rise can also greatly reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and kidney disease. Even if you are sick, recovery is faster.

Concentrated and more efficient

Studies have confirmed that compared with people who can’t sleep late, those who go to bed early and who wake up early have 30% higher anagram test scores. The key reason is: adequate sleep can help improve brain concentration and memory, and can help people better solve complex problems.

What time is the healthiest to get up?
If  don’t get up early, people will be weak, and at the same time they will lose their temper. Therefore, people have a big temper, and the evil fire in the body is too big. The later you get up and the longer you sleep, the more tired you get.

Several universities in Tokyo, Japan have previously conducted a joint study. After investigating 3017 healthy adults between 23 and 90 years old, researchers found that people who wake up too early are more likely to suffer from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke. Researchers from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom found that 7:21 it is best to get up after splitting. Because if you get up between 5:22 and 7:21, the substances in the blood that may cause heart disease will increase.

This research can be used as a reference material. With the different laws of the sun throughout the year, people’s wake-up time should also change. In spring and summer, people should go to bed and get up early. In autumn, they should go to bed and get up early. In winter, they should go to bed early and late. Getting up at 6 o’clock is a relatively suitable time for the four seasons, which not only ensures adequate sleep, but also enables the yang energy to grow in time.

What to do after getting up early?
When the alarm clock rings in the morning, don’t get up right away. You should stay in bed appropriately. After opening your eyes, you should lie on the bed and move your limbs. After three to five minutes, you will slowly get up. After you get up, sit on the bed for another three to five minutes.

Many people have the habit of morning exercises, but experts do not recommend strenuous exercise in the morning. If you are not in a hurry to do other things in the morning, you can also make full use of the golden 10 minutes after getting up to do a set of health exercises.

Drink a glass of warm water after getting up in the morning. The blood in the early morning is thicker. It is recommended to drink a glass of boiled water at about 40°C slowly after getting up.

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