Bezos Worth Over 200 Billion U.S. Dollars Zuckerberg Joins the 100 Billion Club

Amazon’s stock price has continued to rise, and founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’s value has also risen. On August 26, it officially broke through the $200 billion integer threshold. Not only does it secure its position as the world’s richest man, but its accumulated wealth is also seen only in history. ..

Amazon’s stock price rose 2.85% on the 26th to a historical closing point of US$3,441.85. Bezos’s value also increased by US$4.9 billion, becoming the world’s first rich man with wealth exceeding US$200 billion. Bezos currently owns 54.5 million shares of Amazon stock, which accounts for 10.9% of the equity.

According to Forbes statistics, as of 1:50 pm Eastern Time on the 26th, Bezos was worth US$204.6 billion, nearly US$90 billion more than the world’s second richest Bill Gates. Bill Gates is currently worth US$116.1 billion.

Even after adjusting for inflation, Forbes calculations still show that Bezos’ accumulated wealth has never been seen before. Gates is the richest person closest to Bezos. When the dot-com bubble reached its peak, Gates was worth more than US$100 billion, roughly equivalent to today’s US$158 billion.

Had it not been for the most expensive divorce agreement in history with his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott in 2019, Bezos would now be worth more. When Bezos divorced his ex-wife in 2019, he agreed to sell 25% of Amazon’s stock, which is currently worth as much as $63 billion. Although Scott donated US$1.7 billion for charity earlier this year, he is still the 14th richest person in the world and the second richest woman in the world, second only to L’Oréal heiress Françoise Bettencourt Meyers.

Bezos is not the only tech tycoon with a record wealth. The founder of Facebook Inc, Mark Zuckerberg, officially joined the ranks of the billionaires at the close of the market on the 25th. His net worth swelled by US$3.4 billion to US$103.1 billion in one day. It is worth noting that Facebook’s stock price soared 8.22% on the 27th and closed at a new all-time high of US$303.91, which added another US$6 billion to Zuckerberg’s net worth, bringing its total value to US$109.1 billion.

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Bezos Worth Over 200 Billion U.S. Dollars Zuckerberg Joins the 100 Billion Club...

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