Epic Games Refuses to Compromise “Fortress Heroes” Abandons iPhone and Mac Players

Apple’s rake controversy has intensified. Game developer Epic Games had previously bypassed its in-app purchase function in the mobile game “Fortnite”  and joined the system of selling virtual currency without authorization. Apple was forced to use the game. Removed from the App Store. Although the lawsuit is still in the trial stage, “Fortress Heroes” has decided to launch a new season of the game and announced that it will not be available on Apple devices.

According to media Macrumors, Epic Games recently announced through Fortnite’s official social platform that because Apple banned it from updating apps in the App Store, the fourth season update (v14.00) of the newly released Chapter 2 game will not be available on iOS. And released on macOS. If the player’s device has Fortnite installed, they can continue to play the game of the previous season (v13.40) until the moment the Battle Pass ends.

Apple has stated earlier that as long as Epic Games is willing to improve Fortnite’s policy violations and remove its own virtual currency sales system in the game, it will not be disqualified from the App Store account. However, Epic Games obviously would rather sacrifice the players of Apple devices than compromise.

It is reported that because Epic Games has a very tense relationship with Google, Android players will also be affected. Players who download games through the Play Store will not be able to get gifts or Battle Passes from friends. It seems that if you want to enter the new version of the game smoothly in the future, you can only download it directly from the Fortnite official website and install the game on Sideload, or download it from the Samsung Galaxy Store.