Bezos’s Mistress Brother Leaked his Photos

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An expanded investigation dealing with the allegations contained in a report prepared by a team of investigators belonging to a private company for cyber security, hired by the Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in an attempt to find out how leaked images revealing a secret love affair led to his divorce from his wife McKinsey, who obtained $ 38 billion in It is the highest divorce settlement in history.The “New York Times” found evidence that Bezos ‘mistress’ brother was involved in leaking these pictures.


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Ineligible investigators
After the report of the private investigators tried to claim the existence of a link to the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with this penetration, and claiming that the penetration of Bezos phone was after receiving a video clip through the WhatsApp application, many experts and specialists immediately disproved the details of the report prepared by these people, and confirmed that they are purely allegations It is flimsy and has nothing to do with reality, neither from near nor from far away, even Vladimir Katalov, CEO of Elcomsoft Forensic Medicine, assured “Mazerboard” that the experts who participated in preparing the Bezos phone inspection report are not sufficiently qualified.

As for the New York Times, it confirmed that the intimate images of Bezos and his girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, were not subjected to piracy, as some media reported, but rather spread through Sanchez’s brother.

                                                                Lauren Sanchez – Jeff Bezos

She added that Sanchez herself sent the pictures to her brother Michael, who received $ 200,000 after submitting the photos to American Media, the publisher of the National Enquirer.The newspaper also reported that the images were transmitted through 4 unspecified sources, and with a written contract between Michael Sanchez and the American Media Inc., owner of the National Enquirer, whose editors previously announced that Michael Sanchez is one of their sources of information and news.


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And she revealed that the leaking of the very special pictures of the American billionaire came after the exchange between Sanchez and her brother, and therefore these explicit statements contradict what the report went to, which failed to prove any link between the kingdom and the whole story.

The “New York Times” added that “American Media”, owner of the “National Inquirer” newspaper, which published an investigation supported by pictures and text messages about the secret relationship between Bezos and Sanchez, which led to the announcement of Bezos’ divorce from his wife, presented Michael Sanchez as “the source The only “of its reports, noting that” National Inquirer “stated very clearly that” the only source of our reports is Sanchez. ”

National Inquirer explained that “in September 2018, Michael Sanchez began working with us and helping our correspondents collect material and information.”

In addition, the company “American Media” confirmed the credibility of the Saudi denial when it declared that “any hint of the involvement of a third party in our reports, or its influence in any way, is a false hint.”

Exclusive agreement
The New York Times quoted two people who were fully aware of the details of preparing a private investigation into Bezos’ secret emotional relationship that was published in the “National Enquirer” newspaper, that her reporters began following Bezos after one of them received information on September 10, 2018 from Sanchez that a well-known billionaire He has a secret affair with an actress.

Sanchez did not reveal the names at first, but “Inquirer” editors discovered that he was referring to Bezos. On October 18, “Inquirer” photographers took pictures of Bezos with his mistress Sanchez. On the same day, Michael Sanchez and American Media signed an exclusive agreement that Sanchez will not publish this news in other media.

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