Big Plans for George And Charlotte in 2021

According to US Weekly, the Prince William and Kate Middleton intend to involve their older children more and more in real commitments: “They are grown up, they can follow parents even in formal situations. The school will still have priority. ”

2021 could be a very important year for the two eldest children of the Cambridge household. According to US Weekly reports, in fact, Prince William and Kate Middleton have in mind “important projects” for baby George, 7, and second child Charlotte, 5. “They have grown a lot in the last period,” revealed an insider , “So much so that the parents plan to take them with them to more and more real events”.

Both have already begun to follow dad William and mum Kate in some formal situations, but at the Palazzo it is rumored that in the coming months the opportunities to see them all four together will multiply. On the other hand, they must begin to become familiar with certain contexts, especially the very young heir to the throne who – precisely because of the role he will hold – will soon be routed to a certain type of life.

“The important thing is that these events don’t interfere with George and Charlotte‘s classes at St. Thomas Battersea,” adds the source. In other words, the school obviously takes precedence over everything else: “Participating in royal engagements will become a sort of extra-curricular activity for them”. Tasks that for now will not concern the third son Louis, born in 2018, “still too young to cut tapes and speak in public”.

In short, George and Charlotte will have to “review” their agendas if they want to pursue their passions as well: “The future king really likes football and marine biology even more. He can’t wait to be old enough to go scuba diving, “one murmurs at the court. “The little princess, on the other hand, loves gymnastics and has recently started practicing yoga for children, together with her younger brother.”

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