WHO Approves Pfizer – BioNTech Vaccine Emergency Use

The World Health Organization (WHO) approved the Pfizer vaccine for emergency use on Thursday (December 31). Pfizer Vaccine is the first new crown vaccine listed by the WHO for emergency use since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. The WHO hopes to pave the way for other countries around the world to accelerate the approval and distribution of Pfizer vaccines, and emphasizes that more efforts are needed to meet the global demand for new crown vaccines.

The World Health Organization decided to list the new crown vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech as available for emergency use.

The WHO hopes that this will enable countries to speed up the approval of Pfizer vaccines. The WHO stated that after convening experts from all over the world, after consulting Pfizer’s vaccine safety, efficacy and other data, it is believed that it meets the WHO standards. The WHO agrees that the use of Pfizer vaccine can reduce the risk of new coronary pneumonia.

WHO Assistant Director-General Mariangela Simao emphasized that the world should work harder to ensure vaccine supply to meet the needs of high-risk groups around the world.

The WHO stated in a statement that this decision will allow international organizations such as the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to obtain Pfizer vaccines for countries in need.

The United Kingdom was the first country to approve the use of Pfizer vaccines, and began to vaccinate the public with Pfizer vaccines on December 8. Subsequently, the United States, Canada, and many European Union countries have successively launched vaccination programs.


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