Bill Gates on Corona War: in Poor Countries it will be Much Harder Over Weeks

The United States should impose a closure as it did in China, and do so across all countries at the same time, Bill Gates said today in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. If it  can do so, the Corona war will only last six to 10 weeks.

“The good news is that China has closed very seriously and after a six-week period of extreme closure it was able to start reopening, and the number of new cases there is very small. So this is good news, and people who are now developing models are looking at developments in China.

“So we’re going into a tough time,” Gates says, “but we’re only going to have to do it once, between six and ten weeks. But they will remain with the economic problem, so the goal is to minimize the quarantine period, but “if every state does something different, or if the quarantine happens another district – it won’t work,” Gates states. “The cases will leap in a way I appreciate where there is no serious closure. ”

Even in countries where there are only 100 cases, Gates explains, the spread is exponential – and that’s where we’ll see the peak toward the end of April, and we’ll need another month to see the decline. Whatever may be the case for many more cases, we simply do not give the tests the necessary priority. “Because people move from one province to another, it has to be done in the whole country,” he said.

Gates also explains that in poor countries it will be much harder to enforce closure over weeks, in part because people have to go out looking for food, and then it will be much more difficult to cope with the disease.

In 2015, Gates revealed his concern about the future of humanity, estimating that there is more than a 50 percent chance that his scare scenario he fears, which could result in the death of 33 million people in less than a year, will still occur during his lifetime.

“I estimate the likelihood of a nuclear war during my lifetime as fairly low,” Gates, 65, said in an interview with Vox News. “In contrast, I estimate the probability of a large-scale epidemic outbreak is far worse than the Ebola outbreak, during my lifetime, by far more than 50%.”

“I funded a team to test disease models based on computer simulations,” Gates said in an interview. “And when there is a group of this kind, it is most natural to try to see what would have happened if there was an outbreak today like the Spanish influence. Health systems are much better, so there is a tendency to think that the plague will not be so bad.”

However, he said, this is not the case because of modern transport, the extent of infection will be much higher. “So, if an epidemic like the Spanish influence were to occur today, when you look at its expansion map, you can see how within 60 days it would spread to all urban centers in the world,” Gates said.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has allocated $ 100 million to fight the Corona epidemic.

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Bill Gates on Corona War: in Poor Countries it will be Much Harder Over Weeks

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