Panasonic Develops Vaccine Cooler Compatible with Pfizer

Panasonic has developed a cold box that can transport and temporarily store vaccines for the new coronavirus. It also supports vaccines jointly developed by major US pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, which requires storage at ultra-low temperatures. In March, it began providing sample products to pharmaceutical companies and related companies, and has since aimed to sell them by leasing.

There are two types of cold storage boxes that we have developed, with capacities of 120 liters and 57 liters. Even if the outside temperature is 30 degrees Celsius, the 120-liter type can be stored for up to 18 days at temperatures below 70 degrees Celsius if it is packed with 34 kg of dry ice.

Utilizing the energy-saving technology that Panasonic has cultivated in the manufacture of refrigerators and the like. By eliminating the seams, cold air leaks are prevented, and urethane foam and glass wool are used as heat insulating materials to improve the cold insulation capacity.

Vaccines scheduled to be supplied to Japan must be stored at low temperatures, including during transportation. The vaccine jointly developed by Pfizer and German biotech company Biontech must be kept at 70 degrees below zero, and that of the US biotech company Moderna must be kept at about 20 degrees below zero. (Ito Reef)

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