Black Friday the Offers Also Drag the Banks And iPhone is the Most Desired

Amazon’s Black Friday has already started. Jeff Bezos’ portal, which has been offering offers for days after launching “The week of Black Friday”, today made many promotions available at 50%, anticipating the real Black Friday by one day. Of course, tomorrow the “fireworks” are expected, and we will give an account of them in these columns, indicating the best offers. In the meantime, it is already time to go hunting for bargains.

But what are Italians looking for in this Black Friday 2021? To reveal a little about the search trends, “Subito”, the famous portal of advertisements, has thought about it, which has made known what is the wish list of Italians, especially by taking a picture of the trends related to consumer electronics.

He immediately analyzed the research in this category of products outlining the desires of the moment, starting with the desire to play in advance. In fact, as early as October, Italians recorded growth on the site over the previous month in the Electronics category both in terms of visits (+ 7%) and advertisements published (+ 3%). This data confirms a trend already explored in 2020 whereby a virtuous circle is activated with the approach of the occasions in which there are discounts and sales: users upload the ads of their used cars and with the revenues related to sales expand the budget to invest. for purchases and gifts, the Black Friday offers but also the convenience of second hand.

The iPhone is the most sought after
But what are the most desired products in detail? On the basis of almost 9 million searches in October, smartphones and gaming consoles were on the podium of the Top 10 in Electronics. And at the top of the ranking of the most searched objects we find the iPhone, which also earns the fourth, sixth and eighth place respectively with iPhone 12, iPhone 11 and iPhone X. In second and third place the consoles with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 stand out . The big surprise, however, is found in fifth position where TVs rise from the eighth of 2020 thanks to a growth in general searches on the platform of 85% in the month of October alone, probable effect of the switch off and purchase incentives. which prompted the search for a newer TV. In telephony, therefore, Apple dominates: 8 devices out of the 10 most searched for carry the symbol of the apple, with an extraordinary + 255% in searches for the new iPhone13 considering its arrival on the market in September 2021, it is already very coveted.

It’s Black Friday for banks too
And also this year, the Black Firday is also an opportunity for promotion for banks. Several credit institutions, in fact, took advantage of the period to push insurance products, but also current accounts at subsidized prices. For example, from 15 to 29 November, BPER offers policies and loans at subsidized rates. Banca del Veneto Centrale sponsors the opening of the “Insieme Zero per 5” account. And also Poste has been seduced by the wave of discounts: those who open BancoPosta Start, Medium or Start Youth Account in the BancoPosta App by November 30, 2021, have a free fee for 12 months starting from the month of opening the account.

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Amazon's Black Friday has already started. Jeff Bezos' portal, which has been offering offers for days after launching “The week of Black Friday”,

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