BMW’s Next Big All-Electric SUV is Called iX…

BMW’s next big, all-electric SUV is called iX, and it offers over 600 km of range depending on the brand. It will arrive at the end of 2021.

It had been seen several times under a thick camouflage, but now BMW finally lifts the veil on its large electric SUV. Its name is now known as iX, and its commercial launch is slated for late next year. The propeller brand does not yet reveal the complete technical data sheet of its baby, but nevertheless gives us the essential information: thanks to two electric motors the iX develops more than 500 hp of cumulative power, which allows it to pass from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 s. As for the range, it is estimated at over 600 km at best according to the most recent brand tests, thanks to a battery that exceeds 100 kWh of capacity.

Even if the useful capacity will surely be a little lower, the iX could well become the electric SUV with the biggest autonomy, far ahead of the Audi e-tron (446 km announced by Audi), Mercedes EQC (414 km) and even Tesla. Model X (561 km). BMW announces that the iX supports fast charging up to 200 kW, which would theoretically charge the battery from 10 to 80% in less than 40 minutes. In a cleanliness effort, BMW ensures that the production of the latter is done only from renewable energy sources.

Simple and fluid lines
One of the challenges for designers of electric cars is to create bodies with the fluids possible to maximize air flow and thus gain autonomy. The iX is therefore very simple and has few taut lines, unlike many of the brand’s thermal models. Without giving precise figures, BMW specifies that its SUV measures almost the size of an X5 (4.92 m long and 2 m wide), but with the height of an X6 (1.7 m high). Despite massive proportions, the iX nevertheless appears a little less imposing than its internal combustion brethren.

At the front of the vehicle, we obviously find the new vertical grille which has made so much talk about it recently, except that it is here full and with geometric patterns, because the cooling needs are much lower than on a thermal model. . The iX also inaugurates new Full LED headlights, very tapered, which can receive the laser technology of the mark. The profile shows fully integrated door handles (again to optimize aerodynamics) and the rims are 20 inches as standard, or 21 or even 22 inches as an option. Finally, the rear is very minimalist, with once again particularly thin optics. All the contrasting blue details are there to remind that the iX is 100% electric, but some can also be painted in body color depending on the finish chosen, while bronzes accents are also available in the catalog.

Curved screen
When you step inside, you immediately notice the large screen running across the top of the dashboard. As BMW had announced, it is curved and extends from the driver’s side to the middle of the cabin, to function as both an instrument cluster and multimedia display. The screen can be controlled via the dial on the central tunnel, while the rest of the functions are tactile, with haptic feedback. The overall presentation is very clean, airy and it is once again minimalism that seems to have been the common thread of the designers. Only thing a little strange, the two-spoke steering wheel is hexagonal and seems a little misshapen. It remains to be seen whether the grip wins or if it is just an aesthetic choice.

The iX is a strict 5-seater and should logically offer the same space as an X5 to its rear passengers. All passengers, however, can optionally enjoy a giant panoramic roof (it’s one piece for the entire cabin), which is made of electrochromic glass. Clearly, there is no sun shade, since the glass can be tinted electronically at the push of a button. End of the day, a crazy Bower & Wilkins PA system can send up to 1615 watts through 30 speakers, of course you pay extra.


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