Carlos Ghosn’s Father Killed a Pastor for Arab Singer Sabah

Hülya Karahan: Production Editor

Several reports, revealed that Carlos Ghosn’s father killed a priest who was obsessed with the love of the famous Arab artist Sabah.

If you search on the internet for notes published by the Lebanese singer Sabah in the Lebanese magazine Al-Shabaka in the past, The title put forth by the French-language “Laurion” in Beirut about the crime was: “The mysterious corpse of Saoufar of a smuggled monk … the arrest of 5 people, including George Ghosn,” referring to the word Saoufar, to a mountain resort in which they found the priest Paul Massad dead, and the newspaper wrote at that time that ” He was with the help of partners, including the cashier, George Ghosn, specialized in smuggling diamonds, gold, hard currencies and drugs. “And that his killing was on 17 April 1960 by firing bullets.” They arrested George Ghosn after 3 days, and he told the investigators that the operation “was an intimidation attempt that ended in a bad way” and they transferred him to a “prison Baabda “where he started since his arrival” by distributing bribes to prison guards, claiming that he had pityed them, according to The alleged judge of the investigation.

Singer Sabah in the Lebanese magazine “Al-Shabaka” in the past, you would know from her tenth episode, that a Lebanese man named George Ghosn, deprived her of one of them, was obsessed with her love, and he could marry her, even though Lebanese Paul Massad was a shepherd in the 1950s. The last century, in a diocese in Cairo, was a morning frequented by it, but George Ghosn killed him in 1960 in Lebanon after a dispute between the two, so they arrested him and sentenced him to death, then they reduced him to 15 years in prison, after which Ghosn lived in Brazil, where he died in 2006 and buried him in a cemetery in the city of Rio De Janeiro, leaving a widow and 4 children .. one of them is the famous Carlos Ghosn.

Sabah said in the tenth episode, that she was hesitating on the diocese in the Shubra neighborhood of Cairo. “One of its pastors was the late Father Paul Massad, who was killed in 1960 on the” Majdal “road in Lebanon, and they were accused of killing both the banker George Ghosn and Salim Abdel-Khaleq. His meeting, however, I told him that in his love was difficult, “so that our father’s heart was tormented, and he asked to be transferred from Cairo to Lebanon, and I envision everything in this life, until he was absent for 15 years, so I came back to find him killed on an abandoned path in a village in Lebanon” according to her version.

Nearly 60 years later, Le Nouvel Observateur, known in France as L’Obs, acronyms, states that its correspondent in Japan, Reggie Arnaud, has investigated the murder of that monk in Lebanon, and he will include it in a book he will publish on February 5 in the name “The Fugitive” of Carlos. Ghosn, and in a chapter about him, he talks about his murderer, the father of the former president of the Nissan-Renault alliance, based on what the L’orient newspaper published in the French in the 1960s in Beirut reported on the crime.