Ceremony Was Held In Turkey To Mark The 70th Anniversary Of Auschwitz

26012015Hec0he7KHdKjJ5um2h0LoycqJMinister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlut Cavusoglu represented Turkey at the ceremony which was held to mark the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz Concentration (Death? )Camp’s liberation where over one million people, primarily Jews were killed by Nazis.
Giving a statement after the events held at Auschwitz Birkenau Camp in Krakow, Poland, Cavusoglu said, “Our common goal is to commemorate the one million people who were brutally killed here and to give the message that such tragedies shall never be repeated.”

“Unfortunately today, we once again see the signals of the tragedies that took place 70 or even 100 years ago. In Syria, more than 200.000 people were killed. There is a regime in Syria that kills people and uses all sorts of lethal methods including chemical weapons when doing it. Unfortunately, we see these brutal methods in today’s world, as well. This is the message we are trying to convey. On one side there is terror and on the other there is racism, extremism, intolerance and discrimination. All of which are dangerous notions we must fight against.”