China Passed the Hong Kong National Security Law Despite Strong US Opposition

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China to Enforce Hong Kong Security Law Despite Strong US Opposition. China passed the Hong Kong National Security Law at the general meeting of the National People’s Congress  despite strong opposition from the United States on the 28th.

The U.S. warned with super-strong cards such as Hong Kong’s special status and Hong Kong autonomy investigation, and it is expected that a fierce retaliation between the United States and China will take place.

China’s National University of China held the 13th general meeting at the People’s Congress of Beijing on the 28th at 3:00 pm (local time) and voted on the draft Hong Kong Security Law.

The vote was overwhelming with 2,878 votes in favor, 1 opponent, and 6 abstainees.

The results of the vote, which were broadcast live on Fenghuang TV, were immediately released through a large billboard, and when the overwhelming approval came out, the participants cheered with applause all at once.

After the opening of the National University on the 22nd, the National University of Sojo deliberated the Hong Kong Security Law, reflected additional opinions, and even internally coordinated the passage of the general meeting.

The Hong Kong Security Law aims to establish an intelligence agency in Hong Kong to prevent anti-Chinese action.

It contains information on prohibiting and punishing foreign forces for intervening in the domestic affairs of Hong Kong, splitting the country, overthrowing the government, and acting on “terrorism”, and establishing an agency to implement it in Hong Kong.

Jeonin University plans to convene a commerce committee soon after passing the Hong Kong Security Law and inserting it into the Hong Kong Framework Act.

Hong Kong’s civil security and pan-democracy camps are expected to be fatally affected by the Hong Kong Security Act.

However, the Hong Kong people are expected to continue protests against the Hong Kong security law by appealing to the support of the international community such as the United States, and the conflict is expected to intensify following the ‘criminal extradition law’ (return law) last year.

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China passed the vote of the Hong Kong National Security Law at the general meeting of the National People's Congress 

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