From 1 July the Digital Green Pass Arrives on the Io App

From 1 July, Italians will have on ‘Io’, the Public Administration App, the green pass to circulate freely throughout Europe. The innovation was announced by the Minister for Innovation Vittorio Colao in view of the entry into force on 1 July of the European green pass, the certificate that allows you to travel freely throughout Europe for one year and which is issued if you are vaccinated. (with second dose), if you have a certificate of recovery from Covid or if you have a negative swab taken in the previous 24 hours.

Digital green pass
The green pass, for now only in paper form, will be available to Italians in digital version on ‘Io‘, the App of the Public Administration already downloaded to be able to take advantage of the cashback and which was created precisely to make all public services usable in a simple and immediate way. . To date there are 11 million downloaded a year, and 20 million speeds activated.

Debut on July 1st
“In mid-June we will be ready and from 1 July it will start – said Colao referring to the green pass – It is a certificate, not a passport and perhaps we will not even have to download it but a notification will arrive and whoever has the Io App will have it in there”. In fact, “I” has the characteristics that respond to EU requests to be one of the channels on which to view the certificate, as soon as the infrastructure that manages and delivers documents in digital format is operational.

The preparatory work
In this phase, Sogei (state technology company, ed.) Is preparing a platform that will manage everything on a national basis. Here will arrive various data streams, that of vaccination certificates for the national vaccination register, that of diagnostic tests and that of recovery certificates. It will be possible to obtain the certificate from a health facility, such as a pharmacy, general practitioner, diagnostic laboratories, local health authorities, vaccination centers and so on, but also you can download it from your health file. From July, thanks to the upcoming regulation, there will be dialogue with the European infrastructure: the data will remain in the country of origin of the controlled person and not in that of the country visited. All the details on how the Green Pass could be used (as well as for travel, that is) await to be clarified in future regulatory interventions, which are already being studied.

Stop the restrictions
Following the adoption of the European Green Pass, EU countries will no longer be able to impose further travel restrictions, such as quarantine, self-isolation or tampons, “unless such measures are necessary and proportionate to safeguard public health” in response to the Covid pandemic. As for the national green pass, for now its use to move to the orange and red regions (Italy is all yellow and turning towards white), the green pass is necessary to visit the elderly in retirement homes (RSA). And it will be used from June 15th to participate in wedding parties. However, the use of this certificate is being studied to participate in concerts with a capacity greater than that currently allowed (up to a maximum of one thousand spectators in outdoor facilities and up to 500 indoors), and also to enter the disco.