Clarisse Karasira has Revealed The Young Man they Will Marry

Rwandan singer Clarisse Karasira posted on Instagram a photo of the young man wearing a ring, accompanied by the words, “This is the one God created for me. A hero I love heroism, a non-violent army, the eldest who loves Rwanda and works hard for me, he excels me all in this life. I love you King Dejoie. ”

It turned out that the young man, who had been kept secret by his helper Sylvain Dejoie, is currently living in the United States in Colorado, only recently in Rwanda.

The young man is said to be one of Clarisse Karasira’s regular aides in her music career, as she has been seen helping her plan her concert in late 2020 but has been postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

On Instagram, the singer wrote: “The Prince has asked me to be his queen!” Where can I base my argument on the Supreme Court? Thank God, Thank you for the love!

Clarisse Karasira described the young man preparing to live as husband and wife a few days ago Karasira gave her parents a car to thank her for raising her well, according to a statement posted on social media on December 31, 2020: “I am happy to thank my parents. in a way I have always thought, even if you really have nothing to offer to a good parent! My father and mother, I love them, are brave people who dedicate themselves to others, they have taught me many things, including divinity and humanity. ”