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Taiwan stocks opened higher and higher today, and the final market rose 104.02 points to close at 11,909.16 points. According to statistics, the three major legal persons bought over 16.307 billion yuan.

Statistics on the sales of three major legal entities today, foreign and land-based (excluding foreign-owned self-employed) bought over 10.496 billion yuan, foreign-owned self-employed bought over 0.03 billion yuan, investment trust bought over 3.34 billion yuan, self-employed (self-traded ) Buying over 254 million yuan, self-employed (hazard avoidance) buying over 2.215 billion yuan, and a total of three major legal entities buying over 16.307 billion yuan.

Non-agricultural employment rebounded strongly, the four major US stock indexes all closed up yesterday, driving Taiwan stocks to continue the strong pattern today. The index opened gap and rose, driven by TSMC, Daliguang and other weighted stocks, the increase quickly expanded to 100 points. And overcame 11,900 points, closing at 11,909.16 points in the final game, soaring 104.02 points, the volume of 216 billion yuan, the weekly red three times.

Although the Dow Jones electronic market retreated slightly this morning, the major Asian stock markets continued their strong pattern. Among them, land stocks rose more than 1%, the performance was the strongest. Taiwan stocks and Hong Kong stocks both opened high and fluctuated, and intraday gains were maintained at more than 0.8% and 0.7%, Japanese stocks and Korean stocks rose more than 0.2% and more than 0.4%.

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