What Foods are Good for Nails

1. Protein and calcium keep nails healthy, smooth and shiny.

Like all kinds of dairy products, milk, goat milk, beef, mutton, fish, shrimp, crab; all kinds of beans, soybeans, , large green beans and black beans, etc., of which soybeans have the highest nutritional value.

2. Zinc, potassium, iron and vitamin A and vitamin B are also very important for the growth of nails.

Foods rich in vitamins: eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes, green peppers, chestnuts, tomatoes, carrots, pea shoots, green and yellow vegetables, yellow fruits, sweet potatoes

Foods rich in zinc, potassium and iron: fresh dates, oranges, persimmons, corn, leeks, soybean sprouts, bananas, mangoes, longans, etc.

Reasonable collocation, ensure the intake of meat, eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts every day, and stick to it for a long time, the nails will be shiny and tough.
1. beans
Beans (mung beans, kidney beans) are a good source of biotin, a B vitamin. A mild deficiency of biotin can cause dry nails, delay nail growth, and even cause nails to darken. Supplementing with biotin can help prevent nail breakage. .
2. Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are rich in the trace element zinc. Zinc is very important for both the immune system and connective tissue. Zinc deficiency can easily lead to white spots on the nails.
3. red meat
Eating red meat regularly is good for iron, which is another key trace element for keeping nails healthy. Iron deficiency can easily cause the nails to bulge, resulting in uneven nails.

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Protein and calcium keep nails healthy, smooth and shiny.

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