Hilary Swank for Being so Sincere About what should have Actually Happened With her First Oscar

In 1999 she won the Best Actress award for ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and two decades later she acknowledges that it was not quite right.

In 1999 Hillary Swank starred in Boys Don’t Cry, an independent film based on the true story of Brandon Teena, a transgender man who was murdered after having adopted his male identity by two ex-convicts. A role that earned the interpreter her first Oscar for Best Actress, the most important of all the awards she collected that year and that, obviously, made her the star of the moment.

At the time, everyone applauded Swank’s bravery for stepping into the skin of a transsexual. But times change and today, two decades later, more and more people are demanding that these roles not be played by cisgender men or women, since by doing so they steal the few possibilities that trans actors and actresses have to exercise their profession .

A request that, far from bothering him, Hilary herself has just made her own by publicly acknowledging that it was not fair that she was chosen to shoot this film, for many awards and prestige that she won thanks to her.

“Back then, trans people weren’t walking the world saying, ‘Hey, I’m trans.’ But twenty-one years later, thankfully they are visible and can live their lives without anyone pointing them out. Although we still have a long way to go in its safety and inclusion. Right now there is a group of trans actors who obviously would have been much better suited for the role and who should have had the opportunity to audition for that movie, “Swank acknowledges in Variety.