Consumer Affairs Agency has Held a “Digital Platform Study Group”

Regarding consumer problems on platforms such as mazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo! Shopping, the Consumer Affairs Agency has held a “Digital Platform Study Group” and the government has begun to solve problems.

Online shopping malls automatically adjust the priority of the information shown to buyers according to the movement of goods and purchasing trends.

In other words, when the movement of the user “created” in a review or the like is input, the answer that the algorithm of the platform pops out changes, and the product exposed to the consumer changes.

The result is a situation in which bad money drives out good money.

Many readers may feel that the score and number of reviews are “unreliable”. The most common are digital products such as mobile batteries, USB cables, wireless earphones, and drive recorders.

Rather than buying a specific product, you can search for it on Amazon, thinking that “it’s better not to be obsessed with the maker, so it’s better to meet the features.”

Amazon should be able to track consumer behavior closely and use that data to streamline the “products users want” or have mechanisms to recommend better products. However, a variety of techniques, including tore reviews, have disrupted the engagement and recommendation system that connects consumers with quality products.

For example, these days, completely wireless earphones are very popular in online shopping. Last year, Sony’s WF1000XM3 became a huge hit. Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro, which are sweeping the market, are growing into big markets.