Corona Expansion “Second Wave” Preventive Measures in China

In China, although the outbreak of the new coronavirus is nearing its end, the number of people infected from abroad and asymptomatic people in Japan is increasing, and there is a growing awareness of the spread of the disease as a “second wave.” In addition to the spread of infections in western countries, strict infection control measures by local governments are limiting corporate production and exports, which has cast a shadow over the recovery of the Chinese economy.

In China, the number of asymptomatic cases of the new coronavirus has also been disclosed since April 1, reaching 1095 as of April 8 (National Health and Health Commission). “There may be 10,000 to 20,000 asymptomatic infected people in Wuhan,” said Professor Yang Hyung of Wuhan University’s Central South Hospital, calling on attention, and Prime Minister Li Keqiang also surveyed asymptomatic infected people in Hubei Province and Wuhan City was instructed.

At present, measures are being taken to prevent secondary infections in various parts of China, such as isolation observation and reexamination of discharged patients who have been cured by the new coronavirus, and early isolation of re-infected individuals. On the other hand, the number of infected people from overseas has increased, surpassing 1,000 for the first time on April 8. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other Chinese hub airports have strict epidemics.

In Beijing, international flights scheduled to arrive are temporarily landed at 12 airports in other cities in Japan, and all passengers are quarantined before being accepted at Beijing Capital International Airport. It also stipulates a uniform 14-day follow-up for all domestic employees in Tokyo, giving greater caution to preventing the influx of the new coronavirus.