Toyota “Levin” is Back Again

Toyota sells the Corolla Series for the Chinese market under the Corolla – Levin model name.

In Japan, it reminds us of the once existing Corolla sporty gradeLevin”. Why did the Corolla in the Chinese market be named Levin?

The Levin was a sporty model that was at the forefront of every era, including the first Corolla LevinTE27“, the last FR modelAE86“, and the last Levin model “AE111”.

Since Levin‘s disappearance in 2000, no sporty grade has been set for the Corolla series, and no Levin has been set for the Corolla Sport launched in 2018.

However, Levin mentioned above appeared at the Guangzhou International Motor Show in China held in 2018.

The Levin, which appeared in China, is a Corolla‘s sister car, with a lineup of gasoline cars, hybrid cars, and PHEV cars, and a more sporty appearance than the Corolla.

However, Levin does not have a higher-performance engine than Corolla, and is not a model like the former Levin.

Also, Levin has the meaning of lightning, but Chinese people tend to like the word lightning, so we adopted the name Levin from such a background. ”

Currently, Levin and former Levin sold in China have a relationship that can be said to be distant relatives, but their DNA seems to be surely inherited.

It is completely different from the former Levin …