“The Russian Army Bombed A Maternity Hospital in Mariupol”

Mariupol City Council announced that amaternity hospital was destroyed in an air attack,  reported, quoted by BTA. President Zelenski posted a video of the destruction on his Twitter account. It is a children’s hospital and maternity hospital.

Russian occupation forces dropped several bombs on a maternity hospital (in the city). The damage is colossal, “the statement said. It is noted that the number of victims is still unknown.

According to Zelenski, there are children and adults under the rubble. “Close the skies over Ukraine immediately. People, you are strong, but you seem to be losing humanity,” Zelensky wrote. The Donetsk regional administration informed that 17 people were injured, fortunately no one was killed.

According to the Russian side, the maternity ward of the hospital has indeed been hit, but it has not been working since the end of February.

The besieged Ukrainian port city of the Sea of ​​Azov Mariupol becomes the scene of some of the most difficult moments since the beginning of the Russian invasion in the country, as locals have been without water, heating, telephone and basic sanitation for several days, reported. .

Due to interrupted water supplies, people collect life-giving fluid from streams or melting snow.

Representatives of the Ukrainian Red Cross are trying to provide first aid to those most in need. However, resources are scarce.

“There is no heating, electricity, water, natural gas. … In other words, there is nothing. There are no household goods. Water is collected from the roofs after rain,” said Alexei Berntsev, head of the Red Cross in Mariupol.

People are sheltering in basements, anxiously awaiting news of the impending evacuation, struggling to survive in a city where the bodies of the dead remain on the streets.

In addition to delivering aid, another major task in Mariupol is to keep people informed of what is happening, Berntsev said.



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