Czechs Stop Stealing Programs the Use of Illegal Software has Fallen

The share of pirate software in Czech users dropped by one percentage point this year to 32 percent, which is the lowest in history.

According the use of illegal programs declines mainly in companies, while households are growing slightly. The Czech Republic has the least illegal software from Central and Eastern Europe but still does not reach the EU average of 28 percent. This was announced today by the BSA anti-piracy alliance, which brings together leading software vendors.

The commercial value of unlicensed software is around 3.2 billion crowns. Most commonly pirated office software, operating systems, graphics or antivirus software are used.

“The downward trend was mainly driven by purchases of new software products and the use of software as a service. Percentage may have fallen more than the growing number of software on home computers, a trend that pushes upward on the other hand, “said BSA spokesman Jan Hlavac.

Neighboring Slovakia currently has a 35% piracy rate and Poland 46%. “We have even lower levels of piracy than Italy (43 percent), Spain (42 percent) and Portugal (38 percent). But it is still catching up. Neighboring Germany has 20 percent, and Austria even has a 19 percent rate of illegal software, “added Hlavac.