Dark Mode is Now Available in the WhatsApp Beta

The dark wait is finally available in the WhatsApp beta, so it shouldn’t take long to reach all users in the next updates. The application thus joins others such as Twitter, Facebook (its owner) or its rival Telegram and incorporates a function that helps save battery.

At the moment it is not easy to access the WhatsApp beta tester program, since the company does not support new users. What is possible is to download the APK file and install the beta.

This option, however, is not entirely recommended because it is a non-final version of the application (that is, it may fail). In addition, it involves installing a program from outside Google Play, which can compromise the security of the device.

In any case, everything seems to work as seen in previous betas and leaks. To activate the WhatsApp dark mode, once the application is updated to the first version that includes this function, you will have to go to Settings, enter Chats and select Theme.

This will activate a dark mode that, curiously, is somewhat lighter than expected, with a tone closer to gray or blue than black.

Those who can not wait and at the same time do not want to install the beta can resort to a trick to activate the dark mode manually and unofficially when changing the color of the background.