How to Upload Photos to Instagram from Your Computer

Although Instagram has been improving its access and visualization of the PC environment, the service was born and has grown in the form of an application.

It is its most primitive nature with which, despite the developments in recent years and the strongest trends in social networks, it has managed to attract the younger audience. But, on many occasions, users are raised by certain doubts about how to interact with the service.

One of the functions that are missed from its version for web browsers is the possibility of publishing the images that interest you most on your own profile. Natively it is impossible to put it into practice. To solve this inability there is a “trick”, which is “trick” the application to look like the mobile version.

The idea is to “cheat” the service to “skip” that restriction by believing that it is operating from a mobile phone instead of a computer. To do this, you have to go to the main Instagram website ( Once the service has been accessed, it is necessary to activate the developer tools: in the right mouse button click on «Inspect». This function also has a keyboard shortcut, “Control + Shift + I”.

Then an option will appear in the navigation submenu in the form of a mobile icon. With this, the user can activate the visualization of the web page consulted for «smartphone». Updating with the F5 function key or reloading the page you will see the «+» icon that allows you to upload images to your Instagram profile.