Democracy Now! Spanish Women Went on Strike For Rights

Women across Spain went on strike and held hundreds of rallies to protest against gender inequality on Thursday, leading to the closure of many main roads and squares.

Women in Spain are celebrating International Women’s Day by participating in a massive, unprecedented nationwide “feminist strike” to highlight sexual discrimination, domestic violence, and the wage gap.

Democracy Now! reports that, at midnight on March 8, women took the streets to begin their strike by banging pots and pans. Women of all ages also joined together in a decision not to spend any money, go to work, or do any domestic chores for the day. And young women are leading the charge in the March 8 action, according to one reporter on the scene.

“What’s really extraordinary is the amount of very young women that you see on the streets claiming their rights,” journalist Maria Carrion told Democracy Now! “This is a very young movement, and it’s a very hopeful movement.”

Marches are taking place in 200 locations around the country, including major cities including Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

The 8 March Commission is behind the strike and said in its manifesto: ‘Today we call for a society free of sexist oppression, exploitation and violence. The strikes have led to more than 300 train cancellations across Spain.

Madrid city council building Cybele Palace will also be illuminated in purple today in solidarity with the strike.