Diesel will be 2 Cents Cheaper Next Week in the Sixth Fall of the Year

Fuel prices should become cheaper as of next Monday, August 9, in a year marked by historic increases both in the case of diesel and in the case of gasoline, according to the Negócios accounts.

Simple diesel has margin for a drop of 1.6 cents per liter to 1.435 euros, while plain gasoline 95 could fall 0.5 cents per liter to 1.671 euros per liter.

The predicted declines come at a time when oil prices are on their way to their biggest weekly drop since March, with the delta variant casting clouds over economic recovery and demand. With the number of covid-19 cases on the rise in China, the biggest crude importer, investors are watching the pandemic’s evolution in this region.

This year has been marked by strong rises in both cases. Simple diesel is now suffering its sixth fall this year, in a possible 33 weeks, with the price rising by 17 cents per liter in this period. Gasoline only suffers the fourth drop, two of which were less than 1 cent per liter.

The calculations are based on the evolution of these two oil derivatives (diesel and gasoline) and the euro. But the cost of fuel at the pump will always depend on each filling station, the brand and the area where you are.

The new prices take into account the variations calculated by the Business against the average price practiced in Portugal this week and announced by the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

The Business’s calculations are based on contracts different from those followed by the oil companies (although the evolution is usually similar), and the data available for the Business are only available until Thursday (one trading day missing).