Digital Transformation Key to Economic Reactivation

Entrepreneurs from Argentina, Ecuador, Central America, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela participated in the Movistar Empresas Hispam Digital Forum, ‘the impulse for economic reactivation’, organized by Telefonica at the Hispanic American level so that experts in the digital ecosystem share visions and experiences about the transformation processes that companies are undergoing in the current circumstances.

The event was attended by Gema Sacristán, IDB Invest Business General Director; Sebastian Nieto, Head of the Unit for Latin America and the Caribbean of the OECD Development Center; and Alan Meyer, General Director Mercado Libre Chile, as participants of the central panel, where they interacted with Alfonso Gomez Palacio, CEO of Telefonica Hispam, to analyze the role of digitization in the reactivation and to highlight the valuable opportunities to re-emerge the economies of Hispano-America from digital productivity, from key pillars such as electronic commerce, innovative technological solutions, cybersecurity, flexible regulations and better tools and capabilities for new trends such as telework, virtual education, telemedicine, among others.

“The year 2020 has been a year of challenges worldwide and has shown us that Latin America has the tools in the digital transformation to lead its economic reactivation and enhance synergies among countries that allow us to become a more competitive region”, Alfonso indicated Gmez Palacio, CEO of Telefonica Hispam.

2020 digital adoption level

Given the current global situation that has driven society and companies to capture the benefits of the digital ecosystem, Telefonica Hispam conducted a survey on the level of digital adoption in organizations in the region, showing results such as that 90% of companies in The region has already developed the use of online channels and that teleworking is a reality that will continue to increase in adoption thanks to its multiple benefits, for companies and individuals. Now more than 50% of employees can perform their tasks remotely, with the necessary resources provided by companies.

Transformation experiences in Latin America

At the Movistar Empresas Hispam Digital Forum, attendees were able to interact with experts in Public Administrations and Education, Banking, Retail, Mining, Oil & Gas and SMEs, learning about developments and various success stories in specialized rooms, such as Unified Communications Solutions (UCaaS) at the service of governments to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, or the high complexity involved in a security operations center (SOC) that is constantly evolving with technological innovation for the oil industry; or the scope of digital transformation projects for the most diverse sectors, such as commerce, banking or education.

The specialized rooms also had the participation of the CEOs of Telefónica’s operations in the continent, such as Marcelo Tarakdjian, from Argentina; Fabian Hernandez, from Colombia; Roberto Munoz, from Chile; Luis Benatuil, from Ecuador; Osman Rodríguez, from Central America; Camilo Aya, from Mexico; Pedro Cortez, from Peru; José Luis Aiello, from Uruguay; and Daniela Laurita, from Venezuela.

A Digital Pact for the region

As an enabler of the economic development of Latin America through digital productivity, Telefónica reaffirmed the pillars on which the company proposes to break the barriers of the digitization of companies and society in general, through a great public-private agreement : a Digital Pact that allows a fairer and more sustainable path, closing the gaps of social inequality, investing in education and digital skills, offering society and companies inclusive connectivity, accelerating access to the digital world through the review of the regulatory and fiscal frameworks. Finally, appropriating technology through an ethical and responsible use.