Dividend Fund is Whistling

Concerns are mounting over clothing stocks that sell padding, which has excellent thermal effects, as winter weather looks warmer than expected. It is pointed out that it has burdened the earnings in the past because it increased the stock quantity this winter because of the long padding craze last winter.

According to the Korea Exchange on May 21, Youngone Holdings’ stock price, which is famous for its fashion brand ‘North Face’, dropped 1.97% in the past month. F & F shares, which are well-known as “Discovery”, also fell 2.49 percent during the same period as padding demand was sluggish.

In addition, Fila Korea and LF also entered the long padding market, but the share price has fallen by 2 ~ 3% in the past month. Given that the KOSPI has risen more than 3% over the same period, it is showing a sluggish return.

On the 20th, ‘Korea’, which is the coldest weather in Korea, has passed. Park Hyun-jin, a researcher at DB Investment & Securities, said, “The effect of peak seasons is less than expected due to the climate effect, which is not colder than expected.”

The active stock dividend fund has increased the set amount even in the recession of public offering fund where funds are going out like ebb.

According to the fund evaluator FfGuide on the 21st, active stock-splitting funds have entered more than W360.5bn even though W552bn out of total active stock funds last year. The largest amount of money invested in dividend funds was the KB Active Dividend Securities Fund Trust Fund of KB Asset Management.

In the last six months, KRW 77.1 billion has been spent, and most of the money has proven popular in the fourth quarter of last year when funds were out of Korean market. Major constituents are large-sized securities such as Samsung Electronics, LG Chem, Samsung Electronics, and KB Financial.

Unlike the trend of active equity fund outflows, the reason why the active equity dividend fund continues to receive money is the expectation of higher dividends in recent years. With the introduction of the stewardship code of the national pension scheme last year, expectations for the upward revision of the dividend payout ratio of domestic companies increased.