DoCoMo Unveils 5G Next-generation 6G Concept

DoCoMo released the technology concept of the 6th generation mobile communication system (6G) on January 22. While developing each element of 5G technology, it will develop a technology that simultaneously realizes multiple conditions such as “high speed and low delay”. The 6G service will be provided around 2030.

DoCoMo’s 6G elements are broadly divided into six. In addition to extending 5G technologies such as “ultra-high-speed, large-capacity communication”, “ultra-low delay”, and “ultra-multiple connection & sensing”, new “ultra-coverage expansion”, “ultra-reliable communication”, “ultra-low power consumption and low cost” “.

Specifically, 100Gbps (10Gbps for 5G) for ultra-high-speed and large-capacity communications, 1ms end-to-end for ultra-low latency (10ms for 5G), and 10 million devices / square kilometer (5G Aim at 1 million devices per square kilometer). In each case, the target is 10 times 5G.

10 million devices can be connected per square kilometer with super multi connection
3The three new technology elements are considered to be the technologies required around 2030, which are expected to improve the current 5G technology issues and to start 6G services.

5G is the first generation to use millimeter waves for mobile communications and is a best-effort service that emphasizes downlink communication speed, so there is room for improvement in coverage (communicable area) and uplink communication speed using millimeter waves. There is. The industry is calling for a communication service that can guarantee quality, such as communication speed, rather than best effort, and says that this is one of the directions for technological evolution.

The super-coverage expansion will not only improve from the feet, but will also cover a new communicable area covering an altitude of 10,000 meters, 200 nautical miles offshore, and even the space environment. With ultra-low power consumption and low cost, the future of the emergence of electronic devices that do not need to be charged will be drawn by the development of power supply technology using wireless signals.

Ultra-coverage extended ultra-reliable communication
6G covers the sea, sky, and space (left), providing services that guarantee communication quality.

5 Regarding the underlying technology 5G, DOCOMO plans to launch commercial services in the spring of 2020.


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NTT DoCoMo released the technology concept of the 6th generation mobile communication system (6G) on January 22.

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