Doctors Say “10 Ways to Sleep Well”

A person spends a third of his life sleeping. But we seem to be trying to reduce sleep. Praise the morning man and rationalize the reduction of sleep by pointing out that he is a lazy person who sleeps long. Civilization has also developed into caffeine, alcohol, smartphones, 24-hour business, and late night sleep.

In addition, one of the reasons modern people suffer from lack of sleep is the tendency to prioritize work over sleeping. In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need a so-called “sleep day” after working out the rest of the hour after getting the sleep first.

Some people believe that they sleep less on weekdays and then drive over the weekend. Such a person may already be deprived of sleep or suffer from sleep disorders. I don’t feel relieved by driving on the weekends for sleep that was lacking on weekdays. Rather, the sleep rhythm is pushed back and I feel more tired on Monday.

In order to get enough sleep, it is important to create a lot of opportunities for sun exposure during the day. In the morning, when you sunshine, your sleep hormone (melatonin) decreases rapidly, and you wake up. Melatonin is secreted well at night when the sun is exposed for more than 15 minutes during the day, which helps sleep. In particular, the morning sun from 10 am to 12 noon is deserved for sleep healt

Good food for sleep, milk, salmon, lettuce, onion, banana

People who can’t sleep can change pillows. However, pillows have little to do with sleep. However, the material is not too hard or soft. Memory foam pillows are good for sleeping, but they haven’t been scientifically proven. When sleeping, the height of the pillow that is comfortable to breathe is about 10cm.

Some foods can help you sleep better. Milk, salmon, lettuce, onions and bananas are typical. Milk has a high tryptophan content, which is a raw material for melatonin, a sleeping substance. Salmon is a food that contains vitamin B6 to help melatonin formation. Lettuce relaxes the body and mind and has an analgesic effect (lactoserine and lactocin), which is beneficial for relieving insomnia. Ingredients in the onion (also emulsified) induce nervous stability and blood circulation. Fruits with a low moisture content, such as bananas, are complex carbohydrates and are good for a good night’s sleep.

1. First of all, secure time to sleep

The time to wake up should be regular. Even on weekends, waking up at the same time as you normally can keep your sleep rhythm constant. Sleep habits that sleep 5 hours on weekdays and 9 hours on weekends are not good. Most office workers have regular wake-up times, but the sleeping hours are irregular, so the actual sleep time is jagged. To make a regular sleep rhythm, it’s a good idea to set a time to sleep. This means that you should choose the sleep time you need first, whether it is 7 or 8 hours.

2. Return home early

In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to go home early. Therefore, the delay in returning to bed is delayed as the time of returning home becomes slower. If you wake up at 6 am, you need to go to bed at 11:00 the night before you can get 7 hours of sleep. After returning home, don’t forget that there are family days, such as having dinner, watching TV or books, talking with family members, and throwing away trash.

3. The bed is only a “sleeping place”

Many people watch TV in the bedroom, do homework, and mess with their smartphones. This is the opposite of a good night’s sleep. You shouldn’t bring anything to bed. The bed should be used only as a’sleeping place’. Also, put a curtain on the bedroom window to prevent outside light from entering, and then go to sleep.

4. Avoid naps and get out of the sun

Even if you have insomnia, you shouldn’t sleep as much as possible during the day, making it easier for you to sleep at night. If you feel sleepy during the day, going out and taking a walk in the sun is a good night’s sleep. The more you get the sun, the more sleep hormone (melatonin) is released at night.

5. Refrain from evening coffee

According to the study, the trend of Starbucks stores globally coincides with the increase in insomnia. Drinking caffeine, such as black tea and cola, as well as coffee, will last up to 14 hours. Because of this, it is difficult to sleep or the quality of sleep decreases even after long sleep. Avoid caffeine drinks at least in the evening. If you have insomnia, it is better to refrain from coffee after 3pm.

6. After warming up, go to bed

Soak in warm water for only 30 minutes before going to bed. When you go to bed with a slight increase in body temperature, the body temperature drops slightly again. I sleep well when my body temperature rises and falls.

7. Write down your concerns in your notebook

When you lie down on the bed, you may not be able to sleep because you are worried about a stellar star. This is especially the case for mental workers. These people write their worries in their notes before going to bed. Do not use your head to find a solution, just write your thoughts. Since I moved my thoughts and worries to paper, I decided to come down tomorrow and go to bed with ease. The next day, when you look at the memo, you may find that there is a solution and you don’t have to worry.

8. Drink as an enemy of sound sleep

Many people drink because they can’t sleep. When I drink, I sleep well. However, sleep often wakes up with thirst, etc., resulting in poor sleep quality.

9. Exercise time

Exercising every day can help you sleep better. However, there are times for exercise. Exercising before bed can make you sleep because you are excited. Exercise every day, but finish three to four hours before going to bed.

10. Place your cell phone in the living room

Many people are messing with their cell phones in bed. The blue light (blue light) coming out of the cell phone interferes with the secretion of melatonin, making it difficult to sleep. Keep your cell phone away 2 hours before going to bed. Also, when you enter the bedroom, you can sleep 30-40 minutes better by just placing your phone in the living room.

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