Morgan Replaces Chassis After 84 Years

In 1936, Morgan, founded in 1910 (after the first prototype was built in 1909), began using its chassis based on a steel frame. The design was developed for the brand‘s new venture, namely four-wheeled car models.

First out was the model 4-4 whose model designation stands for four wheels and four cylinders. The simple construction with leaf springs at the rear and so-called “sliding pillars” suspension at the front has since been used on all Morgan‘s four-wheeled models over the years, except for the Aero series and the second generation Plus 8.

Here we see Morgan’s special front “sliding” suspension that was developed to maintain the camber angle in all situations. The technology was never a great success, although there are other models that used the same design, including the Lancia Aurelia the picture shows Morgan’s new aluminum chassis in the foreground and the old steel chassis in the background.


But now the chassis with steel frame is over, the aluminum construction, called CX-Generation, which was introduced in connection with the Morgan Plus Six in March 2019, takes over completely.

The last steel frame chassis was manufactured very recently and left the factory in British Malvern last week. The last copy was placed under a Plus 4 70th Anniversary Edition, the last of 20 built that marked 70 years with the Plus 4 model (1950-2020). The “historic” car has been bought by a well-known Morgan enthusiast who owns most of the classic models from the car manufacturer, where the gem in the collection is “TOK258”, ie the Morgan Plus 4 from 1958 that won the 2-liter class in 24-hour at Le Men 1962.

Morgan Motor Company’s founder, HFS Morgan, sitting in an experimental chassis, the basis for the future model 4-4.

An 84-year era is thus at an end. 35,000 cars were built on steel chassis exported to 65 countries worldwide. Many of the cars still roll today and are kept in top shape by their owners.

According to Morgan, there is no other chassis in the world that has been in production for so long, and we have no reason to question their statement. There are a number of other long-distance drivers, such as Land Rover, but which do not really reach the age of 84.

The longitudinal leaf springs on the steel frame are clearly visible here. The chassis in the picture is the absolute last made, an era that began in 1936 is thus over.

A common misconception is that Morgan’s car models are built on a wooden chassis. It is therefore wrong in that steel and aluminum have been used. It is in the body reinforcement .