Emmanuel Macron’s Next Steps in The Vaccine Campaign

Emmanuel Macron unveiled this Wednesday evening the next steps in the vaccine campaign to take “a pincer” of the epidemic. Those over 50 can be vaccinated from May 15, and all adults from mid-June. A “specific strategy” is planned for teachers and other “exposed professions”.

Covid vaccine, who’s next? Emmanuel Macron unveiled this Wednesday evening the calendar of the vaccine campaign, which is gradually winning over younger age groups. “Thanks to vaccination, the way out of the crisis is taking shape,” assured the head of state, just after announcing new health restrictions throughout the country, including the three-week closure of schools. The “efforts” of the French and the vaccine will make it possible to take “in pincers” the epidemic, he also promised.

Thus, from April 16, those over 60 will have access to vaccination, even if they do not suffer from any comorbidity and therefore from no additional risk factor than age. They will join the over 70s, eligible since Saturday. They can choose to have a messenger RNA vaccine injected at a vaccination center, or an AstraZeneca vaccine at their doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

At the same time, Emmanuel Macron reiterated that those over 75, who were still nearly 3.5 million who had not been vaccinated last week, remained a priority: they can call a toll-free number and will be systematically contacted by Medicare to make an appointment.

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