Europe is not Where We Would Like to be

EU Commissioner criticized the organization’s immunization campaign for the organization’s corona across the continent . “We were too optimistic about mass production of vaccines”.

“We were too optimistic about the mass production of the vaccines and perhaps even too confident in ourselves that what we ordered would indeed arrive on time,” she added. Von Der Lane also said there are questions about what went wrong that will need to be answered.

Despite von der Lane‘s self-criticism, she argued that the union’s joint response was the right decision to deal with the epidemic: “I can not even imagine what would have happened if big players had rushed for vaccines and the others had been left empty-handed. Of our community. ” The commissioner also defended the time it took for the union to approve the vaccines, an act it defined as “a vital investment in creating trust and confidence among the public.”

Von Der Lane’s remarks come in the wake of criticism the EU has received for its handling of vaccines against the virus to EU member states. Several vaccine manufacturers, including Pfizer and Astrazinka, have delayed the union’s vaccination order due to problems with their production and supply capacity. However, AstraZinka recently announced that it will partner with German company IDT Biologika to create more vaccines for Europe.

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