Facebook Begins Charging Fees for Companies’ Use of WhatsApp

The company “Facebook” announced that it will start imposing financial fees on companies that use some services of the communication application “WhatsApp“.

And “WhatsApp Business” allows small and medium-sized companies to communicate with customers, provide support and sell products directly, with more than 50 million users in the business sector.

The social media company that owns the application “WhatsApp” said that it will soon provide services such as hosting to help its partners manage chat messages with customers, inventory and more services.

The company also stated that it will expand possible ways for people to check available products and make direct purchases through the app.

Facebook has struggled for years to get revenue from the WhatsApp business since its acquisition of the app in 2014 in a deal worth nearly $ 16 billion.

And “Facebook” indicated that it will use the financial revenues from the business to continue providing free services to more than two billion users around the world.

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