Facebook Competes With YouTube Launches Music Video Section

The social network will have a catalog of music videos from record labels; wants to start his incorporation into the music industry.

Facebook has been looking for three years to start its path to incorporating the music industry on its platform and today the company will take another step forward, as it will now compete with YouTube with the launch of a music video option with exclusive premieres within the app .

“We have noticed that artists use digital function tools to create authentic connections with fans and generate excitement around new projects,” said Adrian Harley, head of music alliances for Facebook and Instagram in Latin America.

According to Harley, Facebook wants to bring music to people within its app and with this release of official music videos it is a new way to consume Facebook Watch, which includes new experiences.

Mexico will be one of the first countries in Latin America to receive the experience by achieving a partnership with Sony, Universal, Warner, Belize and independents.

Facebook mentioned that in Mexico, 100 million people access the social network every month, to connect with others and with the topics that interest them the most, one of them is music.

The platform revealed that in the last 90 days there have been more than 120 million publications and comments with the words “music”, “song” and “songs”, on the social network.

In addition, it makes an alliance with the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico , as well as Mexican Music Editors to have the license to use videos from the creators.

“There is a remuneration on the one hand and on the other it is an opportunity for them to reach more people and for artists to support culture in Mexico and the music industry,” said the manager.

The music video experience that Facebook hopes to offer will depend on the artists that the user follows, the platform has the option “watch together”, so that users can enjoy the music videos with friends or family, and thus see their impressions in real time. .

Mexico was the first country in Latin America in which we had all the licenses to be able to launch these new products. Beyond the exclusives we have the entire catalog of the music videos of the record companies, that will be displayed in the coming weeks and we will update it every week, “he said.

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