Facebook is Reorganizing the News Feed

The technology giant is launching a series of new tools designed to allow users greater control over the content that appears in the general feed. Facebook now allows you to create favorite lists, organize the feed in chronological order and also restrict permissions to comments.

Against the backdrop of public criticism of social media algorithm operating patterns, Facebook is launching a host of new tools that should allow users to regain some control over what they see in their News Feed: two tabs – “Favorites” and “Last”, that were previously buried In the depths of the app, you now get higher prominence, and allow users to organize the feed in chronological order, or in a list of favorites – users and Facebook pages, which can be set in advance.

Facebook allows for the definition of up to 30 such “favorites” so that the dedicated tab will display past users feed based solely on the selected members and pages. This allows you to basically choose between three feed modes in the Facebook app, and limit the power of the algorithm at least slightly. Android users worldwide are expected to receive the update starting today, while iOS users will receive the update gradually over the coming weeks.

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