Facebook may Face Fine 1.63 Billion Dollars

The European Union may impose a $ 1.63 billion fine on Facebook after the latest crackdown, in which EU legislators saw a flagrant violation of the company’s new privacy law, news reports said.

The Irish data protection committee called on Facebook last Saturday to clarify the nature and extent of the breach that caused the hacking of user accounts.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the committee, which is organizing the protection of Facebook privacy in the European Union by e-mail, said they are concerned about the breach revealed on Tuesday, affecting the data of millions of users, The time when Facebook did not explain the nature of the gap and the extent of the danger to those affected.

The EU provides for large fines in cases where user data is compromised and the platforms and sites are compromised, as companies that prove to be deficient in user data protection are fined up to a maximum of $ 23 million, or 4% of the company’s revenue for the previous year, For Facebook, the penalty would be $ 1.63 billion, and the law would also report the breach within 72 hours, while the company would be fined up to 2% of its global revenue.