Fault Vodafone Scam via WhatsApp

A scam on WhatsApp targets Vodafone landline customers who have requested assistance with a telephone failure: here’s how to defend yoursel.

December 28th 2018 – WhatsApp scams do not stop even at Christmas. This time, targeted users are Vodafone landline users, who in these days have been contacted on WhatsApp by a hypothetical “Technical Department” of the telephone operator requesting a copy of the identification documents (driving license and identity card). Vodafone does not contact its customers via the WhatsApp number and above all does not request the sending of documents via the messaging application.

Behind the “Technical Department” number there are actually scammers who are looking for personal documents that they can resell on the dark web or use in other scams. To report the scam is the social account of the State Police “Una vita da social” always ready to support users and warn them against the dangers of the Net. Even Vodafone has activated and to protect its customers has already filed a complaint to the ‘Judicial authority. WhatsApp is a very useful application to keep in touch with friends and relatives, but it can also be used to cheat defenseless people.

The scam started after a Vodafone landline customer contacted customer support to report a failure. Within a few hours it received a message on WhatsApp from a hypothetical “Technical Department” Vodafone that requested a document of identification (driving license and identity card) in order to have the specialized technician intervene. After sending the document, the number no longer responded to the user’s messages.

Behind the “Technical Department” number there are some experts in the sector who are looking for original documents that they can resell or use in other scams. It is not the first time that the hackers are planning a scam like that and unfortunately there are many people who fall for it. Remember that companies like Vodafone never require the sending of documents via WhatsApp, but only through official tools.

How to defend yourself from WhatsApp scams

It is not easy to recognize a scam on WhatsApp, but very often just be a little ‘informed. No multinational requires money and documents through WhatsApp, but always invites you to use safe and secure tools. Furthermore, technical assistance does not contact customers via WhatsApp: the first approach is always via voice calls. When you receive messages that require you to send documents, always call the customer service of that company and make sure that the number that has contacted you is reliable.